Garlic Noodles


Tina, Baltimore native and part-time food prep-person at Boatyard Bar & Grill in Annapolis, Maryland, has been working as a waitress for five years. However, it has been much longer since she was a college student herself.

“Oh, you don’t even want to know how long it’s been since I’ve been to school, honey. Trust me.” she laughed. From what I could tell, Tina didn’t look that much older than my own mother and she wouldn’t explain to me why she was being so shy. However, being a decent human being, I respected her right to privacy and left the matter alone.

“I’m a huge sucker for anything that has carbs and anything garlicy (sp?), so when I was in college, my friends and I would get together every other week and make garlic noodles,” she said, “They were a real treat, although definitely not something you want to eat regularly unless you want thighs like mine!”


  • Pasta (any kind and however much you want): Price $1
  • Butter: Price $2.49
  • Garlic powder/salt (whichever you want): Price $2
    • Total: $5.49


  1. Make your pasta! You know…boil water…add pasta…wait for it to get all soft and wonderful. Add some olive oil here to keep the pasta from sticking if you want
  2. Drain pasta
  3. Add butter and garlic powder/salt
  4. Boom, you’re ready to serve

This one was probably the easiest I’ve tried, which is good considering it’s finals week and all I really wanna do is curl up into a ball and cry. Now, I’m not a super huge fan of garlic, but my roommate is so she ate most of this in a few hours.


Apple Chips


Recently, I went back home to Annapolis to spend some time with my family. While on our outing, we decided to stop in Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar because it is my grandmother’s favorite place to eat. We were served by this lovely waitress named Amy (who doesn’t wish for her last name to be published because she wishes to keep her identity relatively anonymous) who just got out of college several years ago. Being close to graduating, her and I got to talking and I mentioned this blog. I asked her if she had any recipes she could pass on to a soon-to-be-graduate.

“I used to make these apple chips all the time! They were the best and they’re pretty healthy for you too!” she exclaimed. She quickly scribbled down all the information on the napkin and gave it to me before going off to serve the other patrons.


  • 2 apples (whatever kind you want): Price $4
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon: Price $1
  • 1 1/12 teaspoons white sugar: Price $2.32
    • Total: $7.32


  1. Preheat oven to 225 degrees
  2. Slice your apples thinly
  3. Arrange apple slices on baking sheet
  4. Mix sugar and cinnamon in bowl and sprinkle over apple slices
  5. Bake for 45 minutes to an hour or until the apples are dried and the edges are curled up

“I really enjoyed these because I felt like I could binge eat them and not get that guilt factor that usually comes with regular chips. My roommates loved to eat them too. They also keep for a few days after making them, so you can keep them around for a while!” Amy said.

Ramen Pizza


I used to work with this girl a while back in a pizzeria by the beach. She always wanted to be a chef. So, now she’s been in culinary school for about three years to do just that.

So, why is that important?

Well, I noticed on my Facebook newsfeed that this recipe called “Ramen Pizza” was trending. I looked it up and it seemed easy enough to make, but I thought it would be best to seek out a professional opinion on this one before attempting it on my own. Although we lost touch since our days in the pizzeria, she was more than happy to talk food with me.

“It’s actually surprisingly tasty,” Aerika Hothouse, 21, (yes, that is her real name) said, “I haven’t personally made it myself, but I have tried it at a friend’s house and it’s not that bad.”

I asked her if she would be kind enough to give me the recipe her friend used and got to work. So, without further adieu, here is the infamous Ramen Pizza!


  • 2 packages of ramen noodles: Price $2
  • 1 cup of tomato sauce: Price $2.16
  • 1 cup grated mozzarella cheese: Price $3.88
  • 2 tablespoons parmesan (optional): Price $2.18
  • 16 pepperoni slices (optional): Price $2.98
    • Total: $13.20


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Separate ramen noodle blocks into 2 squares each (4 total)
  3. Pour 1/4 cup of tomato sauce onto each square and top with mozzarella, parmesan, and pepperoni.
  4. Transfer on to baking sheets and bake for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and the edges are golden brown.

Much like ramen noodles themselves, this recipe is a quick and easy way to add some diversity on to your college plate because, let’s face it, not all of us can go to culinary school!

“I’m really glad you are sharing this recipe with people,” said Hothouse, a native of Seaford, DE, “One thing we learn in [culinary] school is to always keep trying new things and I think that’s something that you just don’t get in a regular school. Plus, I’ve heard that the food there is terrible!”

Dirt Pudding


Now that the semester is drawing to a close, it is more than clear that summer is right around the corner. So, I decided to share a recipe that my mom and I used to make every year when the warm weather would come around. Although it isn’t quite warm where I am right now, I still feel like the coming of summer should be honored with this traditional dish!


  • One package of instant chocolate pudding Price: $1.19
  • one package of gummy worms Price: $1.00
  • One package of Oreos Price: $2.98


All you really need to do is prepare the instant pudding according to the directions on the box. After that, you can either mix in the gummy worms after the pudding has settled/cooled (depending on how you made it) or you can put them on top when you serve. Crunch up your Oreos so they look kinda like the top layer of a ‘dirt’ pile and also adds some of that crunchy texture.


Turkey and Green Apple Sandwiches


This is by far one of my all time favorite sandwiches to make at home. The first time I ever heard of pairing an apple with turkey on a sandwich, I was working my first job in downtown Annapolis as a sandwich maker at this local deli called The Big Cheese (which you should definitely visit if you find yourself in that area.) At first, I was a bit skeptical, but then I tried it and I absolutely loved it! So, I decided to recreate that sandwich on my own time here at school. Just a side note, you can either serve this hot or cold and it’ll taste delicious either way! So, let’s get started!


  • 8 oz honey smoked turkey breast: For this, I actually didn’t use the generic brand (shocking, I know) but I’ve tried using generic brand on this one and it really just doesn’t quite do it for me. So, this one is a bit on the pricier side, but totally worth it. Price: $5.48
  • Honey mustard: Many recipes that I’ve looked at usually call for at least 3 tablespoons of this stuff, but I think it really is just a matter of personal preference so use however much or little that you would like. For this sandwich, I would recommend getting a mustard that is a bit on the spicier side so it contrasts with the sweetness of the apple and the turkey. But, like I said, it is your choice. Price: $1.97
  • 2 medium sized green apples: I’m not gonna lie, I swiped these from the dining hall for nothing. I regret nothing. Make sure you slice these up thin so they don’t overpower the rest of your sandwich.
  • Cheese: Exactly what I said about the honey mustard can be applied here. Use whatever cheese suits your fancy and however much of it you would like as well. Personally, I like to use brie cheese because I just love how it tastes with all the other ingredients. Also, if you do decide to serve this hot, it melts really well. But if you are going to go with brie for this recipe, try sticking with the brie spread just because it is less expensive. Once you’re rich and famous, you can move on to the ‘real’ brie. Price: $4.48
  • Multigrain bread: The amount of slices you need really depends on the number of people you are planning to serve. Price: $3.85

And that’s it. I mean, you just put it all together like you would with any other sandwich and enjoy!

Chicken Burritos


Ok, so today I decided to make some chicken burritos because my dad used to make these all the time when I was a kid and they were really delicious. Although mine didn’t turn out quite like his, I still think that they were fairly delectable and worth making.


  • 24oz boneless chicken breasts:
    • For this I used the Perdue Perfect Portions skinless chicken breasts because there were two of them and two seemed like more than enough to feed me and my friends. Price: $6.98
  • 1 package of McCormick Hot Taco Seasoning:
    • I prefer my Latin foods on the spicier side, so if you would rather a milder seasoning there are plenty available so feel free to use whatever you want. Price: $1.98
  • Tortillas:
    • Duh, right? For this one I decided to try out the newish Old El Paso Stand ‘N Stuff  Flour Tortillas just because they looked so damn cool and convenient (Spoiler alert: they WERE that damn cool and convenient.) But, again like everything else, you can use whatever kind of tortillas you see fit. Price: $2.48
  • 1 diced onion:
    • The ones I got were already prechopped, which I had no idea they even did. Price: $2.00
  • Shredded lettuce:
    • For toppings….duh. Price: $1.75
  •  Cheese (optional):
    • I used cheddar cheese just because I wanted my burritos to be spicy, but not too spicy. If you would like yours to be spicier, I would recommend using pepper-jack cheese or something like that. Also, it’s worth noting that if you buy a block of cheese instead of the pre-shredded cheese, you would probably save yourself a couple bucks.  Price: $2.48
  • Sour Cream (optional):
    • Not much to say about this. I just like sour cream. Price: $1.68
  • Salsa (optional)
    • Again…not that much to say about this one. I got a mild salsa just to stay on the safe side, but if you feel brave use whatever you see fit. This is going to be your creation after all. Price: $2.68

Grand total: $22.03 (not too shabby if I do say so myself)


  • Cook your chicken
    • Usually there are specific instructions on how to cook your chicken on the back of your taco seasoning packet. I prefer to dice my chicken up first, making sure I keep everything clean so nobody gets salmonella or something, and then I shred it into little bits as I cook. You can do whatever you want though.
  • Cut up all your other stuff
    • Whatever fun stuff you got for your chicken, be it vegetables, fruits (ew), or unicorn horns, make sure you cut them up. I just find that this makes everything easier to eat and transport.
  • Add your stuff to the chicken taco stuff
  • Drain your grease
    • Unless you like to eat the grease
  • Serve and enjoy
    • I usually serve this as a ‘Build-your-own’ kind of deal just because I know that everyone likes their stuff in a certain way.

I hope this was helpful to you guys and enjoy!

Top 5 Favorite Fruit Related Things


Ok, so, I was at a loss as to what to write for today (minus the whole snowcapades thing) so, I decided to write about fruit and fruit related things. So, here we go!

1. Chocolate Covered ANYTHING

Ok, so this one is pretty simple. Any fruit you can cover in chocolate, I will eat. I honestly don’t care what kind of fruit it is. Cherry? Give it here. Banana? Gimme ten. Durian? ….I’ll give it a try. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that you can never ever EVER go wrong with chocolate covered fruit.

2. Fruit Jam/Marmalade/Preserves

I don’t always make my own jam, but when I don’t I get McCutcheon’s. I was introduced to the miracle that is McCutcheon’s when I was just a mere freshman. It tastes just about as close to homemade as one can get without actually having to make it yourself. I know this is a Frederick company, but I encourage you to go out and try to get some local fruit stuff. Or just local stuff in general. Yeah, it may be a bit more pricy, but it’s alright to splurge every now and again.

3. Fruit Flavored Vodka

Ok, I’m 21 so I’m allowed to list this. If you aren’t…well…I’m just going to hope y’all will wait until you reach the legal drinking age of wherever you live.

Anyways, this would’ve been a number one if there was some way to put it in chocolate. I don’t consider myself a “hardcore” drinker, but whenever I do drink, my go to alcohol is usually vodka. It’s perfect to mix with virtually anything. I even mixed it with milk once…I think it’s called a Milky Pete (btw, that link has a BUNCH of different ways to drink this). It tasted like a blueberry muffin (since the vodka I used at the time was blueberry flavored). My roommate even tried some with her whipped vodka and it tasted like a milkshake.

Be brave, my (hopefully) legal readers.

4. Fruit Water

Ok, brand doesn’t matter. Neither does carbonation. Fruit water, however you can get it, is delicious and (relatively) healthy for you. You can make it at home with an infuser or you can just shove a bunch of fruit in a pitcher of water. Either way, it’s super yummy and you should drink it.

5. Fruit Milkshake

I’m not talking about smoothies. I’m talking about those strawberry/peach/raspberry/etc milkshakes you can get from the ice cream parlor (people still say parlor, right?) or from certain gas stations. They’re super yummy and, for the most part, cheap.

Anyways, here’s my top 5 fruit stuff! I hope you like it!



Ok, guys, so this is a bit different than what I originally intended to post, but I felt that the occasion was so momentous and related with food so I think it fits with the blog.

So, I go to college in Maryland (which I think is stated in my about me page) and yesterday we got hit by a crazy snowstorm. It snowed basically all day from like 5 in the morning until like 7ish. I went out and cleaned off my car as best as I could and a nice male student helped me shovel my car out too. So, needless to say, I was starving. So, what was a girl to do?

I had no leftovers in my fridge because I’ve been trying to clear it out for spring break. I had no ramen, no cans of soup, no NOTHING! And, to make things even better, the dining hall and the college café closed early due to inclement weather. To top things all off, no place was delivering online either. I was starving and there was no way I could go through the night on an empty stomach. So, I decided to do the unthinkable.

I was going to venture outside.

Together with my roommate and layered to the top of my head with clothes, we ventured out into the great white unknown.

Our original destination was Taco Bell, but they were closed.

All seemed lost, we were about to give up when we saw the glowing lights of an open sign. It seemed too good to be true. We held hands and trecked across the icy pavement until we saw it.

CVS. Our lord and savior.

It was two minutes to close, but dammit it was open and I could’ve cried right then and there. Sorry, cashier lady, I know you wanna go home and I am turning into one of “those” customers, but dammit a girl’s gotta eat.

We made a mad dash for the frozen food section. Without thinking, we grabbed whatever box first caught our eye and ran up to the counter. And when we returned, we feasted on pizza rolls, ravioli, and sliders.

It wasn’t my proudest moment and maybe I overreacted a bit, but I will always be thankful to CVS and that lady behind the counter for letting us in when everywhere else turned us away.

Thank you!

Happy Birthday Momofuku Ando!


Ok, you guys, guess why today is so special? Was it that metric crapton of snow the East Coast got? Was it that girl’s number you got today?


Give up yet? Ok, I’ll tell you.

It’s Momofuku Ando’s birthday!!!

You don’t know who Momofuku Ando was? Well, you better sit your ass down cuz y’all are gonna learn something new today.

Ok, so Momofuku Ando was the guy who invented instant ramen. He should be worshiped by college students everywhere and I swear I think he should just have his own holiday because his noodles have seen me through some tough times, man.

So, a bit you should know about Mr. Ando is that he was born in Taiwan as Wu Baifu and later moved to Japan (and changed his name) after World War II. He worked a bunch of odd jobs in Japan, but at heart I believe he was something like a master tinkerer (kinda like an Asian male version of Tinkerbell). But Mr. Ando wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows…he went to jail for tax evasion in 1948.

Mr. Ando gave different stories as to how he invented these amazing noodles, but the one I found most touching is that he said he saw a group of people huddled around a stall in postwar Osaka and was inspired to create an instant noodle in order to feed the starving people quickly. He believed that these noodles could cure world hunger. And if that isn’t the sweetest story y’all have heard you can just stop reading right now.

Anyways, he founded Nissin in 1958 and invented the instant cup noodle in 1971. The man was, and still is, a legend and I hope that you guys will remember this day in the future and will stop to think about all the times that instant noodles saw you through some tough (or not so tough) times. Or just think about all the people who have been able to eat something because of these inexpensive meals?

Either way, I personally would like to thank Momofuku Ando. Although you are in a better place now, I want to thank you for making these noodles and for just being fantastic.

He would’ve been 105 today.


Cake In A Cone


Ok, guys, so my roommate and I made the coolest thing like a few days ago.

Apparently when my roommate was growing up, she used to make these things with her mom called “Cakes in a Cone”. Now, some of y’all may have heard about it before, but this is all news to me. So, I decided to do a bit of research on it…and by research I mean I just typed the damn thing into Google.

Basically, the idea of Cakes in a Cone is like making cupcakes, except instead of putting the batter into a cupcake tin, you put it in an ice cream cone. So, I thought that, since I don’t have any cupcake tins, I could make these easy and give the leftovers to my coworkers because the recipe I’m using makes about 24 cupcake thingys.

Alright, so let’s get started!


  • 1 package of yellow cake mix (WalMart has a box of this for like $2.48)
  • 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips (Again, WalMart for $2.34) (This is optional for some. Mandatory for me. Viva la Chocolate.)
  • 24 flat bottomed ice cream cones (Ok, I was bad and I took these from the dining hall. I have no regrets)
  • 1 oz. sprinkles (optional)
  • Your choice of icing (also, optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Prepare cake mix according to instructions on the box, mix in chocolate chips
  3. Fill each cone up to the first ridge, about 3/4 full
  4. Place cones in oven and bake for 15 to 18 minutes. To keep the cones from falling through the oven, I put mine on a cookie sheet. I’m sure you could also put them on a sheet of aluminum foil, too.
  5. Remove from oven and let cool.
  6. Decorate and serve!

And that’s all there is to it! My coworkers really liked them and they made no mess at all! These could be perfect for any occasion and I think I’ll have to make them for my cousin’s son’s next birthday party!

Bon Appetite!